Branding for Marketing-Focused Podcast Series, Market the Brew

Owners, brothers and marketing gurus Steve and Scott Schmidt approached us with a business concept to target entrepreneurs in the craft brewing industry who were looking for resources to help launch their breweries into market. Their company offers marketing consulting services as well as a weekly podcast series exploring the craft beer industry, including interviews and guest appearances by industry experts.

Our task was to create a brand to help bring their vision to life. They wanted a logo that communicated a level of expertise and sophistication that could help growing breweries take their business to the next level. We also wanted to convey a sense of approachability and community that bringing passionate craft brewing experts creates.

In addition to the logo design execution, we wanted to help them establish their brand by creating a set of rules – the brand guidelines, that would help their own brand grow in a consistent and cohesive way as they expanded their visibility in the community. We had a pretty awesome level of partnership throughout the process and are excited to see them grow and launch their podcast series into the airwaves.

You can learn more about Market the Brew and listen to their podcasts by visiting

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