Johnsonville Kabobs Packaging Design

Johnsonville, who was known for pre-prepared, processed meats (and sausage products in particular), was venturing into the fresh meats category for the first time with a new product launch. The Kabob product offerings are available in pre-marinaded chicken varieties, ready-to-cook on the stovetop or grill in just minutes. These fresh and flavorful kabobs are a quick and healthy option to add to lunch salads or for a main course.

In a collaborate effort with Pivot and the team at Johnsonville we helped developed the new branding and packaging for the Johnsonville Kabobs product. Tasks included concept development, photoshoot Art Direction on set in Kohler, Wisconsin, photography retouching and compositing and flavor extension design and production layouts.

700x461 JVilleKabobs_3 700x461 JVilleKabobs_2 700x461 JVilleKabobs_1

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